Kromschroder Flow Meters DM, DE

  • Flow meters for gas with short, compact aluminium housing
  • Measurement of the current flow rate (DE) and the quantity consumed (DM, DE)
  • M-BUS interface (DE)
  • Large measuring range : 1.6 to 1600 m3/h, DN: 25 to 150, pe: max. 4 bar
  • Connection: thread or installation between two flanges,
  • Little servicing required
  • EC-type tested and certified

Turbine wheel meters for measuring gas flow on gas consumption equipment, for gas burner adjustment, for gas and air.

Flow Meter DM Series

pu max. 4 barpu max. 16 bar
DM 10R25-40 DM 10R25-160 
DM 16R25-40 DM 16R25-160
DM 25R25-40 DM 25R25-160 
DM 40R25-40DM 40R25-160 
DM 40R40-40DM 40R40-160 
DM 65Z50-40DM 65Z50-160 
DM 100Z80-40DM 100Z80-160
DM 160Z80-40DM 160Z80-160 
DM 250Z100-40DM 250Z100-160 
DM 400Z100-40DM 400Z100-160 
DM 400Z150-40 DM 400Z150-160
DM 650Z150-40 DM 650Z150-160 
DM 1000Z150-40 DM 1000Z150-160

Flow Meter DE Series (with M-Bus Interface)

pu max. 4 bar pu max. 16 bar 
DE 10R25-40BDE 10R25-160B 
DE 16R25-40BDE 16R25-160B 
DE 25R25-40BDE 25R25-160B 
DE 40R25-40B DE 40R25-160B
DE 40R40-40BDE 40R40-160B
DE 65Z50-40BDE 65Z50-160B 
DE 100Z80-40B DE 100Z80-160B
DE 160Z80-40B DE 160Z80-160B
DE 250Z100-40BDE 250Z100-160B 
DE 400Z100-40B DE 400Z100-160B 
DE 400Z150-40B DE 400Z150-160B
DE 650Z150-40B DE 650Z150-160B 
DE 1000Z150-40B DE 1000Z150-160B 

* * Please consult JATI before ordering.