Kromschroder Ignition Transformers TZI, TGI

Ignition transformers for high-voltage ignition of gas or oil burners, suitable for ignition and control with one electrode.

Features & Benefits New Version:

  • Ignition voltage: 5 to 8 kV
  • Duty cycle: 19 to 33% or continuous operation
  • Mains voltage: 120 V AC or 230 V AC
  • CE approved
  • UL listed, CSA approved

Features & Benefits Present Version:

  • TZI for cabinet installation, enclosure IP 00
  • TGI for wall installation, enclosure IP 65
  • Ignition voltage: 5 to 7.5 kV
  • Duty cycle: 20 to 33% or continuous operation
  • Mains voltage: 115 V AC or 230 V AC
Current VersionsNew Versions 
TZI Series TGI SeriesTZI Series TGI Series
TZI 5-15/100W TGI 5-15/100W TZI 5-15/100WETGI 5-15/100WE 
TZI 7-25/20W TGI 7-25/20W TZI 8-12/100WETGI 8-12/100WE 
TZI 7,5-20/33WTGI 7,5-20/33W TZI 8-20/19WETGI 8-20/19WE 
TZI 7,5-12/100W TGI 7,5-12/100WTZI 8-20/33WE TGI 8-20/33WE
TZI 5-15/100RTGI 5-15/100R
TZI 7-25/20RTGI 7-25/20R
TZI 7,5-20/33RTGI 7,5-20/33R
TZI 7,5-12/100R TGI 7,5-12/100R 


* * For other configurations and spare parts, please consult JATI