Kromschroder Gas Pressure Regulators GDJ Series

The Spring-loaded pressure regulator with inlet pressure compensation diaphragm and zero shut-off to maintain the set outlet pressure constant despite changing gas flow rates and inlet pressures in gas pipelines.

  • With safety diaphragm, therefore no purge line required
  • GDJ for gas
  • GDJ..L for air
  • DN: 15 to 50
  • Connection: thread
  • pu: max. 400 mbar
  • pd: 2 to 160 mbar
Model TypeNominal Size
GDJ 15R04-0RP 1/2
GDJ 20R04-0RP 3/4
GDJ 25R04-0RP 1
GDJ 40R04-0RP 1-1/2
GDJ 50R04-0RP 2

* * For other configurations and spare parts, please enquiry JATI