Kromschroder Safety Shut-Off Valves JSAV (for Gas)

Safety shut-off valves for securing all downstream fittings against excess or insufficient gas pressure, with safety device, therefore no purge line required (only DN 25 and 40). It’s prescribed in accordance with EN 746–2 for all gas governing installations on which the valves downstream of the gas governor are not resistant to the upstream pressure. For the protection of all valves connected downstream of a gas governor against too high a pressure. The gas supply is shut off in the case of unfavorable operating conditions.

  • For gas
  • Lower trip pressure pdu standard adjusting range: 8-16 mbar (factory setting: 10 mbar)
  • Upper trip pressure pdo: 100-210 mbar on JSAV 25-40 (factory setting: 120 mbar) or 60-170 mbar on JSAV 50-100 (factory setting: 120 mbar)
  • EU certified
  • DN: 25 to 100
  • Connection: thread or flange
  • pu: max. 4 bar
  • pdo: 18 to 550 mbar
Model with Thread TypeRp/DnModel with Flange TypeRp/Dn
JSAV 25R40Rp 1JSAV 40F40DN 40
JSAV 40R40Rp 1 1/2JSAV 50F50DN 50
JSAV 80F50DN 80
JSAV 100F50DN 100

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