Kromschroder Relief Pressure Regulators VAR

Relief Regulators VAR is the  pressure regulators for combustion equipment and systems.

Relief pressure regulators for maintaining constant pressures in gas consumption equipment or for relieving brief pressure surges in control systems, in particular upstream of large-scale burners, circulation pressure control regulators for compensating for pressure fluctuations occurring on compressors or fans as the result of different flow rates.

Compressors and fans generate different outlet pressures in the case of different capacity demands. These fluctuations can be controlled by discharging a bypass flow from the outlet to the inlet of the compressor unit. Downstream consumers thus dispose of constant pressure over the entire capacity range.

The pressure regulators comply with the requirements of EN 88, Class A, Group 2

    • DN: 25 to 150
    • Connection: thread or flange
    • pu: max. 200, 500 or 1000 mbar
    • Opening pressure range pd: 10 to 500 mbar
Opening pressure pd 10-150 mbar, default setting 90 mbar 
with thread connectionwith flange connection
VAR 25R05-1VAR 40F05-1 
VAR 40R05-1 VAR 50F05-1 
VAR 65F05-1 
VAR 80F05-1 
VAR 100F05-1 
Opening pressure pd 151-340 mbar, default setting 200 mbar
with thread connectionwith flange connection
VAR 25R05-2 VAR 40F05-2 
VAR 40R05-2 VAR 50F05-2 
VAR 80F05-2 
VAR 100F05-2 

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