Kromschroder Gas / Air Pressure Regulators GIKH

GIKH regulators is an air/gas ratio controls to maintain a constant gas/air ratio of approx. 4:1 on systems using preheated air, max. ∆p = 100 mbar, EU certified.

  • used as direct gas pressure controllers or as loading signal generators for conventional gas/air ratio regulators.
  • suitable for cold air combustion systems where the available gas pressure is higher than the combustion air pressure, avoiding the necessity of troublesome, high maintenance bleeders.
  • suitable for natural, LP, and clean coke oven or bio-gas. Special models are available for controlling air pressure.
  • Max. ∆p = 100 mbar
  • EU certified
  • DN: 25
  • Connection: thread or flange
  • pu: max. 200 mbar
  • delta p: max. 100 mbar
  • delta psa: 0.15 to 30 mbar
  • pd: 0.2 to 120 mbar

Model Versions : 

For Gas ControlFor Air Control
GIKH 25R02-5GIKH 25R02-5L
GIKH 25R02-5B
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