Kromschroder Pressure Switches for Gas DG..C

Pressure switch DG..C with micro switch (silicone-free) for monitoring gas pressures on boilers, for positive pressure, for gas, also suitable for biologically produced methane, switching point set at factory, DG..VC with infinitely adjustable hand wheel to switch between natural gas and LPG, EC type-tested and certified pursuant to the Gas Appliances Directive (90/396/EEC) and the Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC) in conjunction with EN 1854.

For pressure control it requires only one gas connection. The electrical connections can be fed in from one direction. The pressure switch DG..C is easy to install and is available with an internal or an external thread connection. For the external thread connection, the DG..C can be provided with a sealant. The sealant is approved and non-setting.

  • Switching ranges: 2 to 360 mbar.
  • External thread: R 1/4 or R 1/8,
  • internal thread: Rp 1/4,
  • pressure test point, flat sealing lower sections.
  • Thread with sealant.
  • Electrical connection: AMP plug or standard socket,
  • with NO contact or change-over contact.

Model Version :

  • Pressure switch with gold-plated contacts for voltages of < 24 V,
  • DG..CT/DG..VCT: FM approved and UL listed.

Double pressure switch DG..C with two adjusting ranges

DG 60/60VC4-6W DG 60/150VC4-6W
DG 150/150VC4-6W DG 60/300VC4-6W
DG 300/300VC4-6WDG 150/300VC4-6W
Fixed setting with NO contact, With hand wheel for continuous adjustment, 
R 1/4 external thread connectionwith change-over contact, R 1/4 external thread connection
DG 15C8D-5SDG 17VC8D-5W 
DG 35C8D-5S DG 30VC8D-5W 
DG 110C8D-5S DG 40VC8D-5W
DG 250C8D-5SDG 45VC8D-5W
DG 360C8D-5S DG 60VC8D-5W 
DG 110VC8D-5W 
DG 150VC8D-5W 
DG 300VC8D-5W
DG 500VC8D-5W 
With hand wheel for continuous adjustment, with change-over contact
Rp 1/4 internal thread connection2 x Rp 1/4 internal thread connection and pressure test point
DG 17VC5-5WDG 17VC4-5W 
DG 30VC5-5W DG 30VC4-5W 
DG 40VC5-5W DG 40VC4-5W 
DG 45VC5-5W DG 45VC4-5W
DG 60VC5-5W DG 60VC4-5W
DG 110VC5-5WDG 110VC4-5W 
DG 150VC5-5W DG 150VC4-5W
DG 300VC5-5WDG 300VC4-5W
DG 500VC5-5WDG 500VC4-5W

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