Kromschroder Pressure Switches For Gas DG..U, DG..H, DG..N, DG..B, DG..I, DG..S

The gas pressure switch DG monitors extremely low pressure differentials and triggers switch on, switch-off or switch-over operations if a set switching point is reached.

The switching point is adjustable via a hand wheel. It monitors positive and negative gas pressures on various industrial gas and air appliances, such as boiler fan monitoring and differential pressure monitoring in firing, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

For positive pressure (gas, air), negative pressure (air) and differential pressure (air/air) :

DG…U & DG..UG Series for voltages 12-250 V with gold-plated contacts

DG..U-3DG..UG-3 DG..UG-4, enclosure IP 65DG..U-6, With fitted standard socket
DG 6U-3 DG 6UG-3DG 6UG-4 DG 6U-6
DG 10U-3 DG 10UG-3 DG 10UG-4 DG 10U-6 
DG 30U-3DG 30UG-3DG 30UG-4 DG 30U-6
DG 50U-3DG 50UG-3DG 50UG-4DG 50U-6
DG 150U-3 DG 150UG-3 DG 150UG-4DG 150U-6
DG 400U-3DG 400UG-3 DG 400UG-4 DG 400U-6 
DG 500U-3DG 500UG-3DG 500UG-4 DG 500U-6

  DG..B Series

DG..B-3, DG..BG-3, for voltages 12-250 VDG..B-6,
for positive pressurewith gold-plated contactsWith fitted standard socket
DG 6B-3 DG 6BG-3DG 6B-6 
DG 10B-3 DG 10BG-3 DG 10B-6 
DG 50B-3 DG 50BG-3DG 50B-6
DG 150B-3DG 150BG-3 DG 150B-6 
DG 400B-3 DG 400BG-3 DG 400B-6
DG..H SeriesDG..N SeriesDG..S Series
With manual reset, With manual reset, Pressure switches for oxygen and
locks off with rising pressurelocks off with falling pressureammonia DG..S
DG 10H-3 DG 10N-3DG 6S-3 
DG 50H-3 DG 50N-3 DG 10S-3 
DG 150H-3 DG 150N-3DG 50S-3
DG 500H-3DG 500N-3 DG 150S-3
DG 500S-3 

DG..I Series for negative pressure (gas, air), positive pressure (air) and differential pressure (air/air).

Gas vacuum sensorsFor voltages 12-250V,For voltages 12-250V, with 
with gold-plated contactsgold-plated contacts, IP 65
DG 1,5I-3 DG 1,5IG-3DG 1,5IG-4 
DG 12I-3 DG 12IG-3 DG 12IG-4 
DG 18I-3 DG 18IG-3DG 18IG-4 
DG 120I-3 DG 120IG-3DG 120IG-4
DG 450I-3DG 450IG-3DG 450IG-4

* * For other spare parts, please consult JATI