Kromschroder Segmented Flame Tubes SICAFLEX®

SICAFLEX® segmented flame tubes are used to guide hot flue gases in single ended radiant tubes in conjunction with a self-recuperative burner.

  • Flame tubes can be made to any length by combining individual flame tube segments
  • Patented design with bayonet joints allows flame tube to be bent
  • Material: SiSiC for maximum thermal capacity
  • Minimum radiant tube internal diameter: 88 mm
  • Sicaflex external diameter: 84 mm (±1)
  • Length: 200 mm Narrow end cut off

Model Versions :

SICAFLEX 100/088/084-300
SICAFLEX 100/088/084-250M 
SICAFLEX 100/088/084-200F
SICAFLEX 142/127/123-300
SICAFLEX 142/127/123-250M
SICAFLEX 142/127/123-200F
SICAFLEX 152/133/129-300
SICAFLEX 152/133/129-250M
SICAFLEX 152/133/129-200F
SICAFLEX 162/147/143-300 
SICAFLEX 162/147/143-250M 
SICAFLEX 162/147/143-200F
SICAFLEX 175/157/153-300 
SICAFLEX 175/157/153-250M 
SICAFLEX 175/157/153-200F
SICAFLEX 202/186/182-300
SICAFLEX 202/186/182-250M
SICAFLEX 202/186/182-200F
SICAFLEX 300/280/275-300 
SICAFLEX 300/280/275-200F

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