Kromschroder Thermal Equipment Trip TAS

Manual shut-off valves for gas with automatically closing safety device, resistant to high temperatures (HTR), trip temperature 95°C (±5K), DVGW tested and registered. AKT..TAS can be used pursuant to the German Firing System Directive and TRGI 86/96. Use high temperature resistant flange seals WL-HT on the inlet side, EU certified.

  • DN: 10-150
  • Connection: thread or flange
  • pu: max. 4 or 5 bar
Threaded connectionFor biogas, with threaded connection
TAS 32IA50 TAS 15IA50M 
TAS 40IA50 TAS 20IA50M 
TAS 50IA50TAS 25IA50M 
TAS 32II50 TAS 32IA50M 
TAS 40II50 TAS 40IA50M 
TAS 50II50 TAS 50IA50M 

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