Kromschroder Tighten Controls TC 1C, TC 2, TC 3 Series

The Tightness Controls TC for checking two safety valves before and/or after burner run, with adjustable measurement time (5-30 s) for adjustment to different test volumes, leakage rates and inlet pressures, EU certified. TC is used in industrial thermo-processing equipment, on boilers, and on forced draught burners.

Model Versions :
1. TC 1C – for attachment to valVario. It can be directly flange-mounted to all valVario controls. There is only one version for all sizes.

2. TC 2 – for quick opening individual valves (gas solenoid valve)
TC 2 can be used with gas solenoid valves of any nominal size, which are quick opening or slow opening with start rate. It is possible to conduct a tightness test on pneumatically operated or slow opening valves without start rate by using additional auxiliary valves.

3. TC 3 – for quick or slow opening individual valves (with integrated auxiliary valves.)
TC 3 is a universal device for quick and slow opening gas solenoid valves of any nominal size as well as for motorized valves.