Kromschroder UV Sensors UVS

UV sensors for monitoring gas burners in intermittent operation in conjunction with flame detectors or automatic burner control units, EU certified in conjunction with Kromschröder automatic burner control units.

  • Suitable for small burners due to high sensitivity
  • Virtually immune to interference due to its insensitivity to daylight, infrared radiation and incandescent bulbs
  • Maximum safety thanks to protection against discontinuity or shortcircuit on the flame signal cable
  • Lower logistics costs as the UVS 10 replaces several previous models
  • Suits industrial needs due to robust design
  • Complies with the requirements of EN 298 in conjunction with Elster Kromschröder automatic burner control units

Model Versions :

Quartz glass heat guardQuartz glass heat guard lens
UVS 10D0G1UVS 10L0G1 
UVS 10D1G1 UVS 10L1G1
UVS 10D4G1 
UVS 5G1 * on request

* * For other spare parts, please consult JATI