Limpsfield LC Burner Range

Limpsfield Burners are an Industrial Force Draft Design, which suitable for alternative or simultaneous firing of all types of gaseous fuels and minerals fuel oils.

The LC burner range is available in a number of models with outputs ranging from 3-220 MMBtu/hr (0.9-62MW), firing a wide range of fules from natural gas, diesel, #2 oil to heavy fuel oil, waste oils, bio gases and etc.. Excellent results have been achieved when firing such fuels offering the end user substantial fuel savings through high performance.

The construction of the Limpsfield burner allows it to be easily retro fitted to the Cleaver Brooks boiler. A transitional duct is sized and designed to transfer combustion air using the original boiler front door fan impeller and motor assembly. Typical turndown rations of 5 and 6:1 on gas firing with 02 levels less than 3% throughout the firing range make this retro fit have a very quick and realistic return on investment.

With the reliability of the Limpsfield burners and the gained confidence from the site operators, only one burner/boiler fires at any one time with the other two boilers in a warming status ready to produce steam when the demand dictates. Previously all three boilers would be in operation all the time as the boiler house operators did not have the confidence to leave only one boiler dealing with the demand as they had experienced many start up failures in the past.

LC burner range of products are available as below :

  • Micro Modulation Burner control units
  • EGA with combustion trim functions and CEMS
  • Water Level TDS, BBD Control and First Out
  • Boiler Sequencing Package

Besides of the above, LC also offered custom designed panels to allow the users to commission and alter the combustion firing process quickly and easily. All options are available as single fuel or dual fuel burners.

Thus, for more enquiries towards LC burner or others, please consult JATI