MAXON Direct Furnace Gas Burner KINEMAX®

Maxon KINEMAX® is a direct fired furnace burner which a medium velocity, natural gas fired industrial burners designed to promote stirring within the furnace and improved temperature unifority.

Maxon KINEMAX® provide a higher velocity discharge that promotes stirring within your furnace to improving both temperature uniformity and workload penetration. When used in conjunction with MAXON’s MICRORATIO® Control Valves, a KINEMAX® Natural Gas Burner may be adjusted to fire on-ratio throughout the firing range or set to give a choice between on-ratio and excess air or excess fuel firing. As high as 4700% excess air is possible at minimum capacity.

  • Exit velocities up to 275 ft/s (190 miles/h) to promote workload heat penetration and better furnace temperature uniformity
  • Operate on-ratio, with excess fuel or with excess air to meet the specific demands of your combustion process needs
  • Burns most clean, low pressure gaseous fuels or light oil
  • Turndown capability up to 48:1
  • Maximum application flexibility with 7 different sizes and maximum capacities ranging from 0.38 MBtu/h up to 8.4 MBtu/h
  • Lower fuel consumption using preheated combustion air (up to 800 °F)
  • Refractory block for chamber temperatures up to 3000 °F
  • Removable backplate, providing access for easy inspection and/or maintenance
  • KINEMAX® burners can be used with oxygen enriched combustion air



* * For any enquiries towards above product, please consult JATI.