MAXON Single Burners OVENPAK® LE

The compact, unique design of the Maxon OVENPAK® LE provides simple operation and adjustment through its operational range.

OVENPAK® LE burners are nozzle-mixing gas burners for many industrial, direct-fired applications where clean combustion and high turndown are required. The burners are simple and versatile for use on a variety of heating applications. The gas flows through the nozzle, then along the inside of the burner cone where combustion air is rapidly mixed with the fuel. This produces a very wide turndown range and a highly stable flame under a variety of operating conditions.

  • Burns any clean fuel gas
  • Operates on low gas supply pressures
  • Provides clean combustion with low NOx and CO levels
  • Compact burner design provides quick and easy installation
  • Balanced pressure design for easy commissioning and adjustment
  • Visible ignition action speeds commissioning and maintenance
  • High turndown for exceptional process control


* * For any enquiries towards above product, please consult JATI.