Siemens Biogases and Recycling Gases Valves VRF10 / VRH10

The VRF / VRH are safety shutoff valves designed for special use / processes in industrial operations. They are also designed for use with slightly aggressive and dry gases where there are :

  • Valve for biogas and recycling gas, DN50, 600mbar, 47.4m³/h, 4xRp¼”
  • Valve for bio and recycling gas, DN50, operating pressure 600 mbar, flow rate 47.4 m³/h, 4 test points Rp ¼”, with contoured disk.

The chemical composition and aggressiveness of each type of biogas or recycling gas is different, not constant and depends on various factors.

  • Safety shutoff valves in connection with actuators (in connection with SKP15)
  • Control valve with shutoff function (in connection with SKP25, SKP55 or SKP75) SKPx5 with pressure regulation function (SKP25, SKP55 and SKP75) must be looked at in consultation with Siemens with regard to suitability for use with the relevant type of recycling gases
  • Suited for use with gases of gas families I…III, air and slightly aggressive biogases and recycling gases
  • Valves in connection with actuators open slowly and close rapidly
  • 2-port valves of the normally closed type
  • VRF10…: DN40…DN80
  • VRH10…: DN80…DN125
VRF10 Modelpmax(mbar)Size
VRF10.404600DN 40
VRF10.504600DN 50
VRF10.654600DN 65
VRF10.804600DN 80
VRH10 Modelpmax(mbar)Size

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