Siemens Compact Universal Controllers RWF55 Series

The RWF55 is used mainly for controlling the temperature or pressure in oil- or gas-fired heating plants. If the relevant parameters are set, the RWF55 can be switched to cooling mode and then controls in reverse operation.

The RWF55 is used either as a 3-position controller without angular positioning feedback or a continuous controller with analog output depending on the setting. An external switch can be used to change to a 2-position controller for controlling 2-stage burners. The integrated thermostat function switches the burner on and off.

LED symbols on the front indicate the following operating states:

  • Burner release
  • Control pulses OPEN or CLOSED for driving the burner’s air damper when using a modulating burner control, or stage I / stage II when using 2-stage burner control
  • 2-stage operation

During operation, the digital displays above the keys shows the setpoint (green), the actual value (red) and – when making parameter settings – the relevant parameters.

Model Type :

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