Siemens Photocell Flame Detector QRA10 / QRA5x / QRA7x Series

The QRA UV flame detectors are designed for use with Siemens burner controls, for the supervision of gas or oil flames.

Flame detectors QRA10 – Die-cast aluminum housing with a mounting coupling D and connection facility for cooling air. The housing of this detector has a bayonet fitting which allows it to be secured either directly to the mounting coupling D or to the AGG06 glass holder. The mounting coupling D can be screwed to a viewing tube or to the AGG07 ball head.

Flame detectors QRA5, 7 – The detector’s UV cell is located behind a swiveling shutter at the front end of the detector tube which is flanged to the housing. A quartz-glass window protects the tube and the shutter against dirt. The detector’s housing accommodates a stepper motor to drive the shutter and the electronics to control the shutter. QRA5 series E and G differ with regard to the closing interval of the orifice. Using the AGG16.C adapter, this flame detector can be mounted either directly on the burner, on a viewing tube, or on a combustion chamber viewing hole.

QRA10… ModelQRA5x… ModelQRA7x… Model


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