Viessmann Vitomax 100-HS High Pressure Steam Boiler

For a comparatively low investment outlay, the Vitomax 100-HS type : M33A high pressure steam boiler meets all the requirements made of efficient steam generation.

The permissible operating pressure extends from 6 to 16 bar. The output range spans 1 to 6.4 t/h.

The boiler is ideal for all users who require steam continuously.

The high pressure steam boiler can be operated with light fuel oil (HEL), LPG or (bio) natural gas.

Operating costs are reduced significantly through use of the integral economiser, and investment outlay is rapidly amortised.

Its’ Benefit :

  • Large reduction in energy costs thanks to integral economiser
  • Low boiler investment outlay
  • Can be used with all commonly available burners
  • Very easy to install and maintain
  • Walk-on boiler cover protects the insulation during installation

* For other configuration or spare part enquiries, please consult JATI