Viessmann Vitomax 200-WS (Oil/Gas) Low Pressure Hot Water Boiler

Vitomax 200-WS Oil/gas low pressure hot water boiler is the right solution for market gardeners.

This boiler operates in compliance with TRD 702 for a permissible flow temperature up to 110 °C and a maximum operating pressure of 3.0 bar. With a boiler efficiency of 94 percent, this boiler is both economical and efficient. An additional circulation line in the lower boiler section is used for internal circulation of the boiler water, thereby ensuring optimum heat distribution inside the boiler.

Its’ Benefit :

  • Energy-saving thermal insulation
  • Low nitrogen emissions
  • High efficiency of up to 94 percent
  • Water-cooled reversing chambers without lining
  • Low maintenance costs

Model Versions : Vitomax 200-WS M250especially for commercial nurseries


* For other configuration or spare part enquiries, please consult JATI