Viessmann Vitoplex 100 Low Pressure Steam Boiler

Type : PV1B
Standard low temperature oil and gas fired boilers
Rated output 780kW to 2000kW

This is oil/gas two-pass boiler (Vitoplex 100) up to 2000kW with proven Viessmann quality. Large water content and wide water galleries could reduce the heating water pressure, resulting in a simplified hydraulic connection. This makes boiler circulation pump unnecessary.

It’s Benefits:

  • Oil/gas two-pass boiler up to 2000kW
  • Thermostatic Vitotronic 100 control unit for single boiler systems
  • Extendable with the Vitotronic 100 control unit range, even as multi-boiler system
  • Wide water galleries make a minimum heating water volume flow
  • No boiler circuit pump required
  • High effective thermal insulation


* For other configuration or spare part enquiries, please consult JATI