Viessmann Vitoplex 300 Low Combustion Chamber Steam Boiler

Low Temperature oil/gas fired boiler
Rated output: 90 to 2000kW

Vitoplex 300 also similar to Vitoplex 200 which it is a genuine three-pass boilers, with multi-layered convection heating surfaces for increasing an operational reliability and long-term service life.
The three-pass boiler of Vitoplex 300 with low combustion chamber loading, resulting in clean combustion with low emissions.

The integral Therm-Control start-up system may replace the shunt pump or constantly return temperature raising facility, whereby it’s saving both installation time and costs.

It’s Benefits:

  • Low temperature oil/gas fired boiler up to 90 to 2000kW
  • Multi-layered convection heating surfaces for high operational reliability and a long service life
  • Standard seasonal efficiency for operation with fuel oil/natural gas: 90 % (Hs)/ 96 % (Hi); optional 
  • Higher standard seasonal efficiency for operation by using of condensing technology with stainless steel flue gas/water heat exchanger
  • Three-pass boiler with low combustion chamber loading. Hence, resulting in clean combustion with low emissions
  • Wide water galleries and large water content provide excellent natural circulation and reliable heat transfer – easy hydraulic connection
  • Integral Therm-Control start-up system for easy hydraulic connection – a shunt pump and a return temperature raising facility are not required
  • Low water indicators are not required up to 300kW
  • Compact design for easy transportation entering into boiler rooms and economical use of space– important for modernization projects
  • Fastfix installation system for rapid and simple installation
  • With walk-on boiler cover – for easier installation and maintenance
  • Long burner runtimes and fewer switching intervals due to large water content protect the environment
  • No additional intermediate flow piece is required whereby the connections are required for fitting the safety equipment which available at the boiler
  • Optimum and clean combustion through matching fully wired oil/gas pressure-jet burners up to 2000 kW


* For other configuration or spare part enquiries, please consult JATI